Diary Email
Diary as simple as it gets
Write private diary using good old email!
No need to sign up! Just write to private@diaryemail.com and then access your diary at Diary Email.
You also can invite your close friends to read notes you send to friends@diaryemail.com.
Actually close connections
Share your notes with your best friends. Invite them to receive your emails and discuss your moments without leaving the email client.
Build the habit of writing
Enable daily email reminders and reply to them to add a note to the diary. Write more and consistently!
Private and secure
Your data stored and transferred securely. No one will ever read or process your notes even the staff. Your data belongs to you and can be easily exported in preferable format by request.
Escape the war for your attention
Diary Email is a calm place to capture your life and share the best moments with your friends. No big brother is trying to get into your head to sell you more stuff.
Made by real people for real people
Hi, my name is Sasha! I'm on the mission to make people write more. I hate the trend of corporations controlling what we post and what we read and want to change it.
There's no VC-backed startup behind the project but that's the good news! I won't sell your data and will be very personal with you.
Email me: koss@nocorp.me